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Social 2015: Picnic in St Caprais (August 2015)

There was a great turn-out in St Caprais, chez Judy and Clive, for this year's summer get-together. Everyone brought lots of lovely food to share, the weather was fine and we all had a lot of fun - it was great to see each other. We also met some new people and we hope they will be joining us for our next show.  This summer event was an opportunity for the production committee to present the next show "Paris Libéré" which will take place on 30th and 31st January 2016 in Saintes. Allan played some of the music that we plan to include, Judy showed us the style of scenery she intends to create (with Clive's help of course!), Lofty gave an overview of the show, and Isabelle described some of the dance numbers she plans to choreograph.

A big thank-you to Clive and Judy for hosting this event in their lovely garden!

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