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Show 2007: Aladdin (Christmas 2007)

Magic lamps, genies and a young lad (?) who wants to earn his fortune and marry a Princess. Flashing lights and smoke machines were the order of the day for this oriental tale set in either China, Arabia or somewhere East of Dover.  We had great fun with this one and I think our audience enjoyed it too.
Aladhesbehindyou        Aladband           alad3maids

He's behind you                                Two pints and two white wines.                           Hand maidens to the Princess.

aladshakalaka alad aladtwankwiishy
Shakalaka Baby.                               Slave of the ring, Eurogenie & Aladdin.              New lamps! You're having a laugh!
 Aladfinale  Aladwalkdown
               Aw! Isn't it nice?                                                        Grand Finale

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