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Show 2008: Cinderella (Christmas 2008)

Ugly sisters and a wicked stepmother do all they can to prevent Cinders from meeting her Prince, but Buttons and a little Fairy Godmother magic mean that the slipper fits the girl the Prince met at the ball. A great success thanks to you, and having twenty or more children up on stage for the community song was a real moment of pleasure.
CindersStagePrep Trouble ahead
From stage crew...........                                        To a glitzy number like 'There may be trouble ahead'  
Suecathreindeers          loftytweedles
 Pre-Production props testing                                                        Buttons and the Tweedles show Aimée the ropes
princecindersdandini         royals
Where's the Palace, love?                                                          One is not amused!
slipperfit     uglysisters    cindre&prince
 It will fit if I can get this sock off.                Sisters, Sisters.          Yes, I know we're both girls, but will you marry me?

The Grand Finale!

And it's not all work.  Just before the matinée we discovered a carousel had been set up outside the theatre, so we all had to have a go!  The guy there would not charge us, perhaps it's because of how we were dressed.
cindersround1 cindersround2   cindersround3

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