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Show 2009: OK Corral (Christmas 2009)

Our previous production was a new style panto about the wild west! The horrible sheriff trying to take the land from poor old Winnie Pegg aided by his evil deputies Butch Casserole and the Sun-Tanned Kid. A different theme to normal but well appreciated by the audiences. Fun for all the family from grandparents to grandchildren and children of all ages.
OK SheriffWinnie    OKDiamond Lill   OK Clint
The sheriff tries to persuade Winnie.                               He shouldna swang on me.              Clint Westwood.
OKButchSuntann   OK Horse   OK Girls  OK Fancy
Butch and Sun-Tan.                       Lightning.                   The Girls.                                                     Oh fancy!
OK Rainingmen       OK IndianBB
It's raining men.                                                                                               Cowboys and indians.
OK Finale
The Finale.

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