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Social 2010: Garden Party (July 2010)

We have held a garden party each summer in; it is a chance to relax in a lovely setting, have a picnic and listen to our talented members who come up and 'do a turn'.  As well as the musical entertainment, we had various games for adults and children, darts, 'bat the rat', pin the tail on the donkey and a 'bric a brac' stall. Once again we were joined by our French friends who enjoyed themselves as usual  after a good picnic and a couple of glasses of wine. Our musical director, Allan Mottram co-ordinated all of the entertainment and gave us a varied programme as well as his expertise on the ivories. We tried out our new sound system, which was a great success. We would like to thank all of our guests for attending, all monies raised will go to the association for future productions.
Here are some pictures of a memorable day. 
Clive & Judy   L   Stately as a Galeon   When I
Toddie & Tess           Rock & Roll    Sisters
After the party we had a glass of wine, Joyce and Wendy paricularly earned theirs. These events need a lot of work but they are worth it when you can sit back at the end of the day and think, well, that went pretty well.  Thank you everybody, members and guests, for making the day such a success.

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